About us

Knop Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund affiliated with the Pon family

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A better world

We believe in a world that is equitable, inclusive and sustainable and that innovation is key to building a better world. We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs who are using their creativity and ingenuity to develop solutions that improve the wellbeing of individuals, society, and the planet.

As part of a family office affiliated to the Pon family our investment approach is guided by the principles of conscious returns and a long-term focus, recognizing that lasting societal and environment impact often requires patience and perseverance.

Our mission is to build upon what we have for future generations.


People first investor

We invest in relationships with entrepreneurs and teams that align with our values:

  • Humble & kind
  • We are in this together
  • The more we practice, the luckier we get

People and teams are at the core of every business. We believe in strengthening them in every possible way. We can provide guidance and support to build strong and effective organizations and develop the leadership skills necessary to navigate an ever-changing landscape.

Network of support

We seek to be an active investor for the long term and to add value beyond capital at key strategic moments of a startups journey. Our network includes mentors, (industry) advisors, customers, strategic partners and access to (international) follow-on capital.

Flexible in structure and horizon

Entrepreneurship has been in our DNA since 1867. We are flexible in structure and (exit) horizon and prefer a co-investor rol. In each case, we seek to align interests and values, and offer transparency and clarity about our considerations at an early stage.

Building a better world

Investment Themes

We are especially interested in the following themes
Circular (Plastic) Solutions

Solutions addressing the growing problems caused by plastic waste and pollution across the value chain

Healthy Food Systems

Solutions contributing to a sustainable and healthier food system along the value chain from farm to fork

Wellbeing of Individual and Society

Companies that empower people and develop solutions for a more equitable, inclusive, healthy and resilient society